Monday, June 30, 2008

Home from Michigan!

Morgan and Madyson are home and they had a wonderful time in Michigan. This was their first mission trip ever and I think they are ready to go on the next. God really did some wonderful things during their time away last week. They came home so excited with lots of stories of how God is working in people's lives as well as their own lives!

They were in Michigan with other youth groups from churches in Pennsylvania, Alabama, and several other places. They were all there to work on the same projects so they were divided into groups of about 15. Morgan's group worked at Goodwill all week. She was exhausted from all the work. They did whatever needed to be done....stocked shelves, priced clothing, hung clothing, moved items around in the store, and Morgan even MOPPED the entire Goodwill store one night! Hooray for knowing that Morgan DOES know how to mop! : )

The house that Madyson's group worked on!

Madyson's group worked at a house all week. A lady there needed to have her house painted but couldn't afford to pay someone so they scraped it and painted it for her. Madyson said the house was 3 stories tall and they had to scrape the entire thing. I think she worked very hard but enjoyed herself at the same time. She sure did bring home some stinky clothes and some jeans and t-shirts covered in paint!!

At night, all the churches would come together and have a time of worship. This was a great time for them to unwind each day. They had some great music and then a speaker. Lights out was at 11:00 each night and I don't think anyone had a problem with that. They knew they had to get some sleep so that they could be up and ready for breakfast at 6:00 the next morning! Wow....what a difference from being at home!!

Thank you to those of you that prayed for them to have a safe trip there, a safe stay, and a safe trip home. God was definitely there with them!! Here are a few things they each learned during their time away....


  • "I learned that sometimes you may have to work for people that aren't very nice but you just need to deal with it. Whatever they give you to do you should do without complaining. God put me in Michigan to serve others and I just kept reminding myself of that!!'

  • "Hard work is HARD!!" : )


  • "I learned that it feels really good to be a blessing to someone. The lady that lives in the house we painted was really happy! Her name is Betty. She had just had a knee replacement and when she walked out to see the house she was so happy."

  • "It's tough to make such good friends that live far, far away and not be able to visit them."

We haven't gotten the pics developed yet. I sent the girl off with disposable cameras so we'll have to take them in and get a CD of the pics. I'll post some when we get them...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mission Trip to Michigan!!

At 3:00 AM Chad and I sent Morgan and Madyson off on a week long youth mission trip to Jackson, Michigan. After waiting 14 long hours to hear from them they finally called to let us know they arrived safely. They have been so excited about this big adventure and we've been thrilled for them but this morning at 2:50 I realized that Jackson is a LONG ways away!! For a split second I didn't want to send my kids that far away. Then...I took a minute to remember WHY they were going and it blessed my heart to know that my 11 and 12 year old girls are going so far away from home just so they can serve others and share the love of Christ. Pray for Morgan and Madyson this week and the 22 others that went to Michigan. They will be painting, reroofing homes, and any other clean up project that needs to be done. They will also be doing some backyard Bible clubs and having worship with other youth groups at night that are there from all over the USA. I'll update and post pictures when the girls return!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Aunt Martha.....It's Summertime!!

I know how much my Aunt Martha LOVES to hear from me so.....I thought I'd post some fun summertime pics! The girls have been out of school for a full week now and we've had some fun days!! Free summer movies at the mall, swimming at Nana's, and playing with friends. This week we plan on another movie, hopefully a trip to Discovery Island Waterpark in Simpsonville, and MORE swimming at Nana's! This time Daddy (AKA Chad ☻) will be with us!!

Here are some pics from our "swimming at Nana's" outing!

Look at those freckles!! So cute!

Pretty Madyson! She's getting so big!

Ashlyn has become a little fish this summer!

Morgan and her beautiful smile!