Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She was such a trooper!!

Madyson had to have some oral surgery done today. Her orthodontist sent her to have a tooth extracted and then another tooth exposed that is growing way down at the bottom of her gums. have to know Madyson and how she is about shots. I remember a few years back having to chase her around the doctor's office just so the nurse could PRICK her finger. Well, today, she didn't have to have a little finger prick but did have to get an IV and be put to sleep. She did so good! I was so proud of her and how she just sat real still and let the doctor do his job.

She is now home and in the deepest part of LA LA Land. The surgery went well and she should really only be sore for a few days. I know she would tell you right now that she is thankful for Tylenol with codine because she is already in some pain.

Here's a nice little picture of Madyson in recovery. I love the nice recliner and the fuzzy blanket. I'm really wondering if Madyson was in a deep sleep from the anesthesia or if she was pretending not to wake up so she could stay in that comfy chair. Hmmmmmmmm.............