Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's finally here...

I didn't think the day would get here so fast! When we told the girls at Christmas that we'd be going on a cruise it seemed like an eternity away. I was going to be skinny by now too! Hmmmm....I'm really not sure what happened. Could it be that I went out to lunch too many times with Cindy and Jennifer? Could it be that I didn't eat breakfast most mornings to get my metabolism going? Could it be that I gain wait just thinking about food? Oh...I know what it is! I forgot to drink a lot of water all the time and go to the gym every day. OK...now that we have that figured out, let's move on. :-)

We are sooooooo excited about this trip! I love getting away and relaxing with my family! Why does it have to be so crazy before you leave though? I can't sleep at night for the 5 million things going through my head. I'm afraid I'm going to forget something which I probably will. I always do and it's never the end of the world. Chad tells me to just "clear my mind" and go to sleep. He clears his mind fast....within 5 seconds of his head hitting the pillow. I sure wish I could do that. I've never been on a cruise so there is a lot to learn! I want to make sure everyone has the right clothes for each night. One night will be dress up night and I just learned today that Chad will need a sport coat or nice button up shirt to wear. I thought he'd just be able to wear khakis and a polo. OK...so I'm beginning to ramble. Moving on.....

We set sail on Thursday from Port Canaveral. Our ship is due to sail away at 5:00 pm. We will head to Nassau, Bahamas where we will spend all day Friday. We didn't schedule anything for that day. We'll just play it by ear and probably do a little shopping, a little playing in the water, and spend some extra time on the ship. On Saturday morning when we wake up we should be pulling into Disney's private island, Castaway Cay...pronounced Key. It's a wonder foreigners can ever learn English the way we spell things! Castaway Cay looks and sounds like a wonderful place. They have these great open air cabanas where you can get a massage. Mmmmmmm....I wonder if it will feel a little like heaven?!?! Sunday morning we will dock back at Port Canaveral and it will all be over. Sounds like such a quick trip but I think it will be just the right amount of time. We will pack so much in over those few days....we'll come back needing another vacation from our vacation!

On the ship there is food every time you turn around. I plan on eating....lots! They have places you can just walk up too at anytime of the day and tell them you want pizza, or a burger, a hot dog, ice cream, etc. Then, of course, there are 3 restaurants that we'll rotate through each night. Yummy! The food may just be the most exciting part. I don't know that for sure...we'll see and I'll let you know. Gosh...I'm so glad we figured out at the beginning of this post why I'm not skinny yet! I guess I'll be drinking LOTS of water and hitting the gym when I get back. :-)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Me With You ~ My cousin Kristy's new book

Check on the trailer for my cousin, Kristy's, new book due out on May 14th! She is very talented and did an awesome job on this children's book. You can even go to amazon.com and preorder it now! Good job, Kristy! We are so proud of you!!!