Monday, February 11, 2008

Things I Love.....

It's Monday of "Love Week" and I've been inspired to list some of the things I LOVE!! : )

I LOVE my Heavenly Father and how He has blessed me and loves me!

I LOVE my Husband with my whole heart! He provides for me and takes care of me.

I LOVE my children! They mean everything to me.

I LOVE my family! My mom, dad, and my sisters. They are very dear to me.

I LOVE my friends! I love the good times we have together and the way they make me laugh!

I LOVE my dog! I always hated animals!! Karma has officially stolen my heart!

I LOVE my church! I know God has placed us there and it feels so good to be getting involved!!

I LOVE the beautiful weather we've been having!

I LOVE my neighbors...most of them at least! : )

I LOVE the teachers that have dedicated themselves to teaching my children!

I could go on and on! There are so many things that I love and I am so thankful for! Happy "Love Week" to all of you. I LOVE YOU!