Monday, March 31, 2008

Just some stuff....

I haven't posted in a while and my sister said I need to update so here is some stuff for ya!

1. Morgan has a boyfriend. I'm really trying to imagine it all. She probably gets sick of me asking her questions about him. I ask her everyday if she talked to him and she always replies, "yes, mom!" in a sarcastic voice. I guess I just find it hard to believe that she is old enough to even say she has a boyfriend. She wants to call him on the phone but I won't let her. She says I'm weird for that. Oh well....she'll just have to think I'm weird!!

2. Madyson now has a boyfriend as well. She actually liked this litte boy last year in 5th grade and he "asked her out". She thought about him all summer but didn't really talk to him so I wasn't sure if they'd still be going out when school started back this year. Well....they were but not for long. He decided that if she was going to be shy and not talk to him then he wasn't going to like her anymore. They broke up for a while and just this past week he had two of his friends tell Madyson that if she would talk to him this time he'd like for her to be his girlfriend again. So...she took a few minutes to ask several of her friends what she should do and they decided she should say yes! Now, the two are officially a couple again!

3. Ashlyn's teacher walked her to the car the other day. Usually this means that Ashlyn has been talkative all day and she wants to let me know so I can remind Ash not to talk when she should be doing her work. On this particular day, however, Ashlyn had been really good. Her teacher wanted to tell me that she was so proud of Ashlyn and that she couldn't believe that a 5 year old could spell so well. She said that Ashlyn had spelled hippopotamus, smarties, octopus, and several other big words for her that day. Wow!!! She must have gotten all her brains from her daddy! It's funny though...she is very interested in learning to spell. Yesterday we were reading a Dr. Seuss book together. She read most of it to me and then got to the word rhinoceros. I had to tell her what it was and from that point on she didn't want to finish reading. She was set on memorizing how to spell rhinoceros!!

So....that's the stuff I have for you. We're on Spring Break this week so I'm sure something interesting will happen and I'll get back on and share it with you. Until then, here's a few random pics for you!!


Amroosie said...

Your sister is very glad that you listened to her and posted something! Still not sure about the boyfriend thing, but Aunt Amy just can't let her nieces grow up!