Sunday, September 14, 2008


This morning as I was getting ready, Ashlyn came in and told me that she wanted to pray and ask Jesus into her heart. I expected her to tell me that soon because she has been talking a lot about becoming a Christian lately BUT I was still taken back this morning when she told me. I didn't know if I should grin from ear to ear or I did both!! We sat down on my bed and talked for a good while about what it means to become a Christian. I asked her a lot of questions and she gave me "adult answers" for all of them. I couldn't believe how grown up she sounded. When I asked her why she wanted to pray and ask Jesus in her heart she said, "because He died on the cross for my sins and I want to follow Him for the rest of my life". Wow!! My little girl was really understanding! I prayed a prayer with Ashlyn and she repeated it. I could tell she was grinning from ear to ear the whole time! After some hugs and "I'm proud of you's" we left the house. On the way down the road Ashlyn said, "Mommy, I didn't know I could be this good". It cracked me up. She was obviously telling herself that she needs to try her best to live a life pleasing to God and part of that was by being a good girl! I told her she just needs to get up every morning and tell God that she wants to do things that will please Him each day. I found out later on today that she had a long conversation with her cousin Avery yesterday about all of this. I would have loved to have heard everything....they are both 6 years old!! :-)

I pray that Ashlyn continues to grow each day in her relationship with Christ and that she loves Him more and more. I pray that she will continue to be excited about letting everyone know about this decision she has made and that she will want to share of His love with others.

We love you, Ashlyn!!


Lydia said...

Oh, how sweet. You have three great girls!

Sarah said...

So happy for you and her! It's so incredible to see faith through the eyes of a child.

Kathy Cashion said...

This Meme could not be happier. All three of your girls know the Lord.
What a joy! There is no greater joy than leading one of your children to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Martha said...

Missy, I've given you and your blog an award..."Autumn Friends Award." Go to my blog and then post it on yours. Love you! Martha

Jimena said...

That's wonderful Missy! I'm so happy for you and your daughter and that she can come to realize her need for a Saviour. I will be happy to keep her in my prayers as she grows in Christ.