Sunday, January 18, 2009

While Morgan and Madyson are away....Mommy and Ashlyn play!

Morgan and Madyson have been gone this weekend to Boone, NC for a Student Life conference and skiing. Well....Morgan hasn't been skiing because I sent her off with a broken pity from this mom. Just kidding. I did make sure she was ok first and able to get around on her crutches. I plan on posting the whole story later when I remember to get a pic of her pretty shoe she has to wear. Anyway...Ashlyn hasn't felt great all weekend. She has a horrible cold and has just been laying around for the most part. Today, however, she had a little burst of energy so we took some silly pictures together. She had me hysterical a few times because she was laughing so hard. Here are a few of the 30 pictures we took for your enjoyment. :-)


Vanessa said...

Too fun! She's precious!

*Jess* said...

Love it :)