Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last post of 2009

I know....most of you are thinking this is like my first post of 2009 but up until July I did really well! :-) Maybe it should be a resolution for the new year to be a better blogger. Hmmm...we'll see. I'm not promising anything. Ha!

2009 has been a year full of excitement. Let's see if I can go back and list a few things that happened...

  • Morgan broke her foot in January (starting the year out right...we are on our way to meeting our $5000 deductible!)
  • Chad and I celebrated 14 years of marriage in March
  • We went on our first cruise...a Disney Cruise...in April
  • Ashlyn turned 7 in April
  • We went to the beach with our good friends, the Bailey's, in June
  • Chad turned 36 in July
  • Madyson had medical issues (not really sure what) in July and had to have a lot of tests run (helping us get closer to reaching our $5000 deductible)
  • Chad turned 36 in July
  • Madyson had oral surgery in July to expose a tooth way down at the bottom of her gums so that they could PULL it up and over to the right spot. Fun, fun!
  • In July we put a contract on a house that we loved. We thought we would be in it within a month but soon found ourselves waiting and waiting for our loan to be approved. With Chad's credit score we shouldn't have had to wait anytime but our loan was taking FOREVER and they were asking us for the craziest stuff in order to approve it. It was frustrating but looking back we know that God was looking out for us. There were so many things that needed to be fixed on the house (a brand new house at that!) and our good deal was FAST becoming a not so good deal. Thank you Lord for watching over us and SHOUTING at us telling us to be patient and wait for something better!!
  • Madyson turned 13 in August
  • Missy turned 34 in September
  • Morgan turned 14 in October and told us she'd be able to drive soon. Oh My!!
  • We took at family vacation in November to Disney World. That was SOOO much fun. We went to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. We loved being together as a family and making memories with one another.
  • In December, Missy had yet another knee surgery. This time just to clean up some scar tissue. The recovery wasn't near as bad as it was after the first surgery....1 week on crutches compared to 8. The pain, however, was FAR worse. So glad that is over and I'm on my way to recovery. I should be able to get back out and walk with my walking buddy, Lisa, in about 4 to 6 more weeks! (Oh...and I didn't list every little thing but we had a TON of medical bills this year so I paid $200 for my knee surgery. Not bad, huh? :-) )
  • We're ending our year with having Chad home with us until Jan. 4th! He's never been able to take that much time off at once and we've LOVED it.

I hope you all have had a fun, exciting year! I know we have and I look forward to what 2010 brings. Hopefully it will be the year of NO medical bills! Ha! Happy New Year to the 5 or 6 of you who read this blog. I pray that God blesses you tremendously! :-)


Vanessa said...

Happy New Year! Next time Amy and I get together, you'll have to join us! Would love to see you.

Sarah said...

Wow Missy! Sounds like this has been a rather eventful year for you too. Have a very Happy New Year!